The family business started 57 years ago as C.C. Boocher and Son; a small blacksmith and metal repair shop.  In 1972, Albert Boocher purchased it from his father and began to focus on welding and fabrication.  Over time we gained many local customers because of the quality of our work.  This caught the eye of a company that saw potential in distributing custom pump/motor adapters and asked us to try our hand at the fabrication side if it.  Through the years it has grown and developed into the successful company that it is today. 

    Our main focus is to manufacture custom steel pump/motor adapter weldments, custom steel coupler housings, adapter bolt-on and upright base weldments, and other steel components.  Our entire operation revolves around our production line that is designed for the sole purpose of manufacturing these custom weldments and their components. 

    Our company currently employs enough qualified operators and fabricators to build all these parts by hand.  Each process has been carefully set up with quality control, efficiency, and time conservation in mind.  This allows us to provide a high-quality custom steel adapter weldment in a timely manner, while keeping us competitive in the market. 

    Our main goal is to fill in the gap that castings leave open, with  our steel weldments.  Whether it can or cannot be cast, we can build a superior part that will fit the same job.  We target quantities that are not price effective to cast, specialty weldments that cannot be cast, or parts that require more rigidity than castings can provide.  We can build almost any part to order in a matter of days, or hours if the materials are in stock.  We are strictly steel fabricators, we have no engineers or draftsmen on site to draw up and design new prints.  However, when we are supplied a weldment or machine print that has the proper dimensions, we can build the part. 

    We currently stock a number of standard pipe sizes and plate thicknesses in mild carbon steel only.  The grades of materials, and machine finishes that result, are consistent due to the use of domestic made steel on all of our parts. In past years there has been little call for us to make anything other than steel weldments.  Because of this, we do not stock any type of stainless steel, aluminum, or other non-ferrous materials.  Any parts like this would need to be specially ordered.